“Spiritual But Not Religious” talktorial, Global Atheist Convention and Atheists in the tav

Due to unexpected interest, we’ll be running a talktorial this week, despite it breaking our new fortnightly model. Remember, we’re running a Facebook poll on the kinds of club events you’d like to see more of: http://www.facebook.com/questions/194315060632862/. Drop by and give us your input! We’ve published a video of our last talktorial, with all the [...]

Atheism and Education talktorial

As advertised, we had Daniel Midgley present for us the statistical correlation between atheism and levels of education. The results may surprise you. Additionally, a downloadable copy of the slides Daniel used is available here.

Atheism and Education talktorial, Global Atheist Convention and Atheists in the tav

This week marks the beginning of UASS’ Talktorial events. These events are run fortnightly and feature a guest speaker discussing a topic of interest to club members. Also, tickets have been released for 2012′s Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne. If you’re interested in the convention, you can find out more at http://www.atheistconvention.org.au. If you’re thinking [...]

Welcome back BBQ, Atheists in the tav and Club Carnival!

Come mourn the start of semester 2 at a variety of club events! Tuesday, August 9th UASS at Club Carnival 12PM – 2PM, Near the guild village We will be hosting a stall at Club Carnival. Feel free to drop by and say “Hi!’, and let your friends know we’ll be there. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, contact me [...]

Timetables out now and Semester 2 club events!

OLCR has finally calculated our timetables, a sign that the holidays are soon ending and then it’s back to work again. Not to worry however, because the UWA Atheist & Skeptic Society will be providing you with a variety of different events to procrastinate at over the semester! To make sure as many people can attend as [...]

Today’s committee meeting and a new OCM!

Today’s committee meeting was successful. Unfortunately we had to bid farewell to two members, one old, one new, who were leaving for other pursuits. The meeting wasn’t an entirely sad affair however. We did elect a new Ordinary Committee Member to replace the absentee Joe. Welcome Emma Norton! We hope you enjoy your stay! You can [...]

Power Bands, Spirits and God: A Talktorial Aftermath

Today’s talktorial was one of the most successful I’ve seen. We had an interesting discussion with demonstrations from Madge about Power Balance Bands. As a gift, we all received a Placebo band to keep! But things didn’t stop there, the conversation changed when a woman volunteered her experiences with spirits and her conversion from Atheism [...]

End of the World Cults aftermath

Today we had Daniel talk to us about End of the World cults. Particularly the variety who claim the rapture is coming May 21st, this Saturday! Unfortunately Lectopia failed to record the video for the lecture properly, but you can see both the slides and the audio in separate parts below. The video Daniel plays [...]

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