UASS at the Faith Fair

We were invited by PAC to attend the Faith Fair as part of UWA’s week long Fringe Festival today. The faith society turnout was abysmal, to say the least. It was just us and the Christian Union. Both sides traded propaganda, and got into a small debate about where people who were ignorant of Jesus go [...]

Atheist YouTube Party! Aftermath

We watched a collection of 12 very interesting YouTube videos, curated by our one and only Boaz Shearer. Discussion got heated at points; to hear Madge start screaming jump to 34:25. This is our first recorded talktorial, so let us know what you think: Follow along by watching the YouTube videos mentioned when prompted in [...]

Club Shirts Available Now!

Guess what arrived in the mail courtesy of the great Daniel Midgley? That’s right! Club shirts! The shirt cost went up to $20 unfortunately. So for those of you who prepaid the $15 all those months ago, you just need to pay another $5 extra for your brilliant club shirt! People who pre-ordered their shirts [...]


Our theme was Stargate… Our mission was AWESOME. UWA A&SS Present Prosh 2011! Continue reading @

UASS denied entry to CMI/ZPH’s “public” events

As you may have already heard, UASS was present outside both the UWA and Curtin presentations of the Creation Ministries International/Zion Praise Harvest Creationism talk. That’s right, outside. Not by choice, mind you, the event implicitly advertised as public at UWA turned “private” when we made our affiliations and wish to enter known.

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