Today’s committee meeting minutes

Hey guys!

I’m filling in for Kristin today, as she is sick.

This week’s committee meeting was productive, and (unfortunately) long. We made a lot of new decisions and had suggestions for a bunch of new events.

You can see the minutes on Google Docs here, as well as after the jump

And here it is, your committee’s meeting minutes:

Meeting opened 2011-04-07 4:01PM.

Attending: Ash Tyndall, Paul Wright, Madge Carew-Hopkins, Megan Boylen, David Raithel, Jon Curtis, Aaron Alderman, Boaz Shearer.
Apologies: Mitch Wellstead, Kristin Barry.
Absent: Joe McCormack.

Minutes by Ash.

President’s Report
– Got domain
– The site is being temporarily hosted on my own webserver.
– Not in contact with guild about using their web hosting just yet, will try to do that soon.

Vice-President’s Report
– Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report
– Absent.
– Guild Bank Balance: $907.30.
– Float: Unknown.
– Got $110.00 in O’Day grants.

Secretary’s Report
– Absent.

Fresher Rep’s Report
– Freshers are happy.

Mail, Guild, SOC, Posters
– The mail, we need to check it, often.
– No SOC meetings.
– Ash did posters this week.

Previous Action Items
– Ash: Book the talktorial room for the rest of semester.
–– Done; thanks to Kristin for booking room.

– Ash: Get website set up.
–– Done; WordPress is up and running.

– Ash: Remember to send events to Google Groups.
–– In Progress.

– Ash: Purchase for a maximum of $35.
–– Not done; see general business.

– Madge: Give us copy of Constitution.
–– In Progress.

– Mitch: Check the mail.
–– Done; thanks to Ash for doing it.

– Paul: Look into different tav time.
–– In Progress.

New Action Items
– Ash: Talk to Daniel about WordPress banner design.
– Ash: Make QR code for website.
– Ash: Email rest of committee about timetable.
– Ash: Move item to guild webhosting, guild DNS and guild email.
– David: Look into details “How to get unbaptised” event.
– David: Talk to Daniel about banner and shirts from cafepress.
– David: WordPress banner design.
– Daniel: Get banner and shirts from cafepress.
– Madge: Find and give Mitch deposit/withdrawl books.
– Madge: Deposit the excess float money into bank account.
– Madge: Punch Mitch in the face.
– Paul: Figure out where Chips is and why he isn’t attending meetings.
– Paul: Type up T-Shirt quantity and sizes, email to David.

General Business
– Ash: Approval for reimbursement of $39 for
–– Motion to approve by Ash, seconded by Madge. Motion passed; unanimous.

– Ash: Approval for signing up to guild web hosting, email forwarding, acronym ‘uass’.
–– Motion to approve by Ash, seconded by Madge. Motion passed; unanimous.
–– Action item.

– Ash: Feedback on potential site design/function.
–– Action item.

– Ash: Tertiary Alcohol Project; grant of $250 (maybe even $350)
–– Committee agrees that taking advantage of this grant in future would be good.

– Madge: Punch Mitch in the face for not attending atheists in the caf even though we moved the time
–– Action item.

– Ash: Quiz night!
–– Use guild grants.
–– Connect with Perth Atheists for larger turnout.
–– We could have tickets (possibly free) to avoid overcrowding.
–– Use community center or something similar.
–– Item deferred.

– Boaz: Troll the archbishop
–– Archbishop is coming to UWA around the 12th of April.
–– Possibly go there and ask questions.
–– Possibly a bad idea.
–– Item deferred.

– Megan: People turned up after 1:20 you know!
–– Motion that Paul is a disgrace by Ash, David seconded. Motion passed; everyone except Madge supports.

– Ash: Pictures, of everyone! For the website!
–– Photos taken of all committee who attended meeting.

– Ash: On the topic of the website; we need to discuss the theme, which blogs to syndicate and get everyone setup on the Facebook Connect. Also discuss the Google Apps thing.
–– QR code on club material suggested. Added to action items.

– Madge: Goes without saying that the whole “creationists showing up on Sunday” thing should be here.
–– Get members to attend and watch, 9AM Sunday, Social Sciences Lecture Theatre.
–– Rewatch talk at Curtin perhaps.

– Ash: “Faith Fair” organised by PAC. Are we going?
–– We should go, use it as a membership drive?
–– Item deferred.

– Ash: Work out best time for committee meetings
–– All of committee who was there added to online availability timetable.
–– Action item to email committee who didn’t attend.

– David: Chips, where is he?
–– Action item.

– Madge: Buy shirts, new banner
–– Action item.

– Madge: Prices of shirts
–– Shirts will cost $15 each, but we have to get 40, this will cost much money.
–– We have only 15 orders.
–– Motion by Ash to raise price to $20, ask people to pay the difference, then buy enough shirts to make it cost effective for $20ea per shirt. Also to approve spending for $20ea per shirt. Madge seconded. Motion passed; unanimous.
–– Ash: Motion to amend prior motion to order an additional 3 extra small, medium and large shirts. Also to approve extra expenditure. Madge seconded. Motion passed; unanimous.

– Boaz: We should have a “How to get unbaptised” event.
–– Action item.

Meeting closed at 2011-04-07 5:09PM

I can just smell the productivity.


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