Today’s (sort of) committee meeting minutes

I was the only exec at today’s committee meeting, so we couldn’t pass any motions. We just did it to report some stuff and to get rid of some action items.

View meeting minutes on Google Docs here, or below:

Meeting that no one can pass motions in opened 2011-04-21 4:10PM

Attending: Ash Tyndall, Madge Carew-Hopkins, Paul Wright, Megan Boylen, Jon Curtis.
Apologies: Mitch Wellstead, David Raithel, Kristin Barry, Joe McCormack, Boaz Shearer.
Absent: Joe McCormack.

President’s Report
– Finally, the web interface has gone through. Submitted new logos and stuff, hopefully web hosting soon.
– Google Apps has been setup on our domain; details on how to access will be emailed around.

Vice-President’s Report
– Absent.

Treasurer’s Report
– Absent.
– Ash: I gave Daniel $425 from our float box to mostly cover the T-Shirts and Banner. We still owe him $75.
– Action item.

Secretary’s Report
– Absent.

Fresher Rep’s Report
– Forgot to ask him. Freshers are assumed to be happy.

Mail, Guild, SOC, Posters
– Posters were done by Kristin.
– Mail not checked.
– Ash missed the SOC meeting. Sent apology to SOC. Will not let it happen again.

Current Action Items
– Ash: Move stuff to guild webhosting, guild DNS and guild email (for mailing list).
–– In Progress. Guild is actually talking to us now we gave them our documentation.
– Ash: Remember to send events to Google Groups.
–– Ash: I’ve actually put it on my todo list now.
– Ash: Email Daniel about inconsistency between Zion Praise Harvest posters; i.e. “Freshies Welcome”
–– Deferred.
– Daniel: Complain to venues about Zion Praise Harvest’s behavior.
–– Absent.
– David: Look into details “How to get unbaptised” event.
–– Absent.
– David: WordPress banner design.
–– Absent.
– Madge: Give us copy of Constitution.
–– We just gave SOC a copy of our draft Constitution with the AGM changes incorporated.
– Mitch: Get new deposit/withdrawal books.
–– Absent. Said he’d do it after easter break.
– Mitch: Deposit the excess float money into bank account.
–– Ash: I gave most of it to Daniel. Not much of an issue now.
– Paul: Look into different tav time.
–– Deferred.

New Action Items
– Mitch: Give Daniel $75.
– Ash: Show rest of committee Google Apps.

General Business
– Ash: Get lecturers to do talks
–– Deferred.
– Ash: Need a talk for the end of study week
–– Daniel is doing a talk. Said he’ll organise his own posters.

Meeting that no one can pass motions in closed 2011-04-21 4:50PM


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