UASS denied entry to CMI/ZPH’s “public” events

As you may have already heard, UASS was present outside both the UWA and Curtin presentations of the Creation Ministries International/Zion Praise Harvest Creationism talk. That’s right, outside. Not by choice, mind you, the event implicitly advertised as public at UWA turned “private” when we made our affiliations and wish to enter known.

At UWA, despite their poster’s apparent guild affiliation, the event was presented as a “private church event” with two of the CMI/ZPH staff acting as “bouncers”, preventing us from entering the venue. We did however manage to hand out some flyers to those attending (see the bottom of the post for a link).

At Curtin, there was actual Curtin security as CMI/ZPH had called ahead, indicating that we were “trouble” and those people not associated with CMI/ZPH were not allowed to enter the building in which the lecture was being held. So we stood outside and handed out a considerably larger amount of flyers, which was at least a small success.

A chat with Curtin security indicates that CMI/ZPH most likely paid for their Curtin venue, however whether it is also the case with UWA remains to be seen. If they have not paid for the venue and have instead booked it with the help of a guild-affiliated club, then it is unsure if they have the right to refuse entry, or indeed even make it a private event at all. Furthermore, the fact their posters had the “guild-approved” stamp would to me at least indicate a public event.

Whether CMI/ZPH acted rightly remains to be seen and I will certainly be complaining to the guild on behalf of the club.

Flyer we handed out

CMI's UWA poster


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