Power Bands, Spirits and God: A Talktorial Aftermath

Today’s talktorial was one of the most successful I’ve seen. We had an interesting discussion with demonstrations from Madge about Power Balance Bands. As a gift, we all received a Placebo band to keep!

But things didn’t stop there, the conversation changed when a woman volunteered her experiences with spirits and her conversion from Atheism to Christianity. We heard a very eloquent story and asked questions about her own experiences with spirits and the supernatural. Tune to 23:50 on the video to hear for yourself.

First video Madge played: youtube.com/​watch?v=yd0Gb9EgkHA
Second video Madge played: youtube.com/​watch?v=Piu75P8sxTo#t=313s

Here is a link to Madge’s presentation.


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