Today’s committee meeting minutes

Minutes can be found on Google Docs or below: 

Meeting opened 2011-05-19 4:13PM.

Attending: Ash Tyndall, Paul Wright, Madge Carew-Hopkins, Megan Boylen, David Raithel, Jon Curtis, Boaz Shearer, Kristin Barry
Via Skype: Mitch Wellstead.
Apologies: None.
Absent: Joe McCormack.

Minutes by Ash.

President’s Report
– Guild has been dragging its feet on webhosting. Currently discussing hosting with UCC.

Vice-President’s Report
– Allegedly, the Faith Fair was boring.

Treasurer’s Report
– He needs to do grants.
– He does not know how much money we have.
– He is also being very annoying on Skype. No I don’t “smell”.

Secretary’s Report
– She’s got a lot of assignments
– This is probably the first committee meeting she has attended since the AGM.
– She watched all of humanity die at the hands of Excel spreadsheets (in a dream).
–– Madge: Were there Pivot Tables? They are evil, and pivot!

Fresher Rep’s Report
– Freshers are happy.
– You need to make more disgruntled freshers.
– Secretary: We need more hazing!

Mail, Guild, SOC, Posters
– Mail not checked. Secretary asked to check mail, we are expecting a package.

– SOC Report from Boaz:
–– Treasurer grant claim must be submitted by 3rd of June, 5pm at Guild Finance.
–– If you need help, contact the Guild Treasurer or Hannah Gifford to get in touch with him.
–– Club carnival (basically 2nd O-Day) is on 9th of August in Sem 2.

– Ash did posters.

Current Action Items
– Everyone: Keep an eye out for Phillip Adams coming to WA.
–– Boaz called his office. They said that he was hoping to come to Perth sometime August. Keep listening.
–– His secretary suggested contacting him on his personal email address:
–– Action Item: Assign someone to contact him.

– Ash: Get a dramatic pose of yourself (and the committee?) behind something sciency.
–– Deferred.

– Ash: Report back about getting UCC webhosting.
–– They are discussing prices, looking at maybe $25 p/a.
–– Deferred; keep reporting.

– Ash: Write post about T-Shirts; must be picked up in a week.
–– Done.

– Ash: Upload talktorial to YouTube.
–– Done for this week. Deferred for next.

– Daniel: Complain to venues about Zion Praise Harvest’s behavior.
–– Deferred.

– Daniel: Create Faith Fair pamphlet.
–– Done. Many copies printed; Daniel has most of them.

– David: Look into details “How to get unbaptised” event.
–– Deferred.

– David: WordPress banner design.
–– Not needed or wanted.

– Paul: Look into different tav time.
–– Deferred.

New Action Items
– Ash: Assign someone to contact Phillip Adams.
– Ash: Discuss “Slut Walk” more.
– Paul: Look into how much a customisable stamp is.
– Megan: Find out if we claim $30 p/w on color posters, how much do we get back in grant money.

General Business
– Ash: Copying cost ~$8 extra to print on Red A3 stock. That brings our weekly copying total to ~$14 per week. Should we pursue this?
– Action Item: Paul to look into how much a customisable stamp is.
– Action Item: Megan to find out if we claim $30 p/w on color posters, how much do we get back in grant money.

– Paul: Participation in the “Slut Walk”
–– Woman’s Dept. is fine with us coming as a club.
–– Come dressed up?
–– Advertise on the Facebook wall?
–– Action Item: Discuss this more at next meeting.

Meeting closed 2011-05-19 4:50PM.


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