Today’s committee meeting minutes

Get them from Google Docs or at the bottom of this blog post.

Meeting opened 2011-05-26 4:45PM.

Attending: Ash Tyndall, Paul Wright, Madge Carew-Hopkins, Megan Boylen, Jon Curtis, Emma Norton.
By Proxy: Mitch Wellstead.
Apologies: David Raithel, Kristin Barry.
Absent: Boaz Shearer, Joe McCormack.

Minutes by Ash.

President’s Report
– Still in discussion with UCC about webhosting.

Vice-President’s Report
– Absent.

Treasurer’s Report
– Absent.

Secretary’s Report
– Absent.

Fresher Rep’s Report
– Freshers are happy.

Mail, Guild, SOC, Posters
– Ash did posters.

Current Action Items
– Ash: Get a dramatic pose of yourself (and the committee?) behind something sciency.
–– Deferred.

– Ash: Assign someone to contact Phillip Adams.
–– Emma volunteered to do it.
–– Action Item.

– Ash: Discuss “Slut Walk” more.
–– Date has changed to sometime in October. Deferred a lot.

– Ash: Report back about getting UCC webhosting.
–– Done.

– Ash: Upload talktorial to YouTube.
–– Done, also deferred to next week.

– Daniel: Complain to venues about Zion Praise Harvest’s behavior.
–– Deferred.

– David: Look into details “How to get unbaptised” event.
–– Deferred until Semester 2.

– Paul: Look into how much a customisable stamp is.
–– Done; not feasible.

– Paul: Look into different tav time.
–– Deferred.

New Action Items
– Ash: Email Emma with Phillip Adams’ details.
– Ash: Tell Des Hill about our idea.
– Ash: Ask someone to write something for it.

General Business
– Ash: Posters, again. What should we do.
–– Motion to do half on red stock, half on white stock. Unanimous in room. Mitch agreed by proxy.

– Ash: When should our last talktorial be this semester?
–– Next week is the last one. They only run on teaching weeks.

– Madge: Perth Humanists dying. Board game coalition with wider Perth meetup community.
–– Action Item.

– Ash: Article for Atheist magazine.
–– Action item.

– Madge: We need membership cards in the cash box again.
–– Ash gave her the two we had. We need to print new ones.

Meeting closed 2011-05-26 5:05PM.


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