Yesterday’s committee meeting minutes

Productive, I’d say.

View meeting minutes on Google Docs here, or below:

Meeting opened 2011-05-05 3:47PM.

Attending: Ash Tyndall, Madge Carew-Hopkins, Paul Wright, Megan Boylen, Jon Curtis, Mitch Wellstead, Boaz Shearer, Daniel Midgley.
Apologies: Kristin Barry, David Raithel.
Absent: Joe McCormack.

Minutes by Ash.

President’s Report
– Slow progress on getting Ting (guild IT) to do what we want regarding the web site hosting.
- Thanks to Daniel for buying us a wonderful club banner.

Vice-President’s Report
– Absent.

Treasurer’s Report
– He doesn’t know how much money we have. That is bad.

Secretary’s Report
– Absent.

Fresher Rep’s Report
– Freshers are happy.

Mail, Guild, SOC, Posters
– Mail was not checked.
– SOC meeting next Wednesday 6PM. Ash and Mitch intend to go.
– Ash did posters today.

Current Action Items
– Ash: Move stuff to guild webhosting, guild DNS and guild email (for mailing list).
–– In Progress.

– Ash: Email Daniel about inconsistency between Zion Praise Harvest posters; i.e. “Freshies Welcome”.
–– Done.

– Ash: Show rest of committee Google Apps.
–– Not done, will do over email.

– Daniel: Complain to venues about Zion Praise Harvest’s behavior.
–– Deferred.

– David: Look into details “How to get unbaptised” event.
–– Absent.

– David: WordPress banner design.
–– Absent.

– Mitch: Get new deposit/withdrawal books.
–– Done.

– Mitch: Give Daniel $75.
–– Deferred.

– Paul: Look into different tav time.
–– Deferred.

New Action Items
– Ash: Send Kevin an email. WA Skeptics haven’t gotten back to us. Have they gotten back to you?
– Ash: Reply to Secular Party asking if they would like to do a talktorial. Go from there.
– Everyone: Keep an eye out for Phillip Adams coming to WA.
– Ash: Allocate someone to video and YouTube the event.
– Daniel: Create Faith Fair pamphlet.
– Ash: Get a dramatic pose of yourself (and the committee?) behind something sciency.
– Ash: Enquire with relevant person about setting up Lectopia recording for talktorials.
– Ash: Like all the people listed.
– Ash: Remind people about A C Grayling event on Like page and mailing list.

General Business
– Madge: Freethought Alliance Meeting Report
–– We are one of the most active and successful campus groups in Australia.
–– Received a lot of suggestions on how to improve, however we have already implemented them previously.
–– Our club is a trial to see if the amount of mass notifications a “new” style Facebook group bring is too excessive.

– Ash: Move to color posters
–– Motion passed. Unaimous.

– Ash: WA Skeptics & Leo Igwe Talk
–– Action item.

– Ash: Australian Secular Party Talk
–– Considered a good idea by the committee.
–– Reply back asking if they want a talktorial slot.
–– Email religious and political clubs to get a big turnout.
–– Action item.

– Ash: Atheist YouTube Party video suggestions
–– Boaz allocated to curator position; solicit and compile videos.
–– Email
–– Post on like page.
–– Daniel, Megan and Madge volunteered to bring in food.

– Ash: We need more things to like on Facebook!
–– George Hrab
–– Penn Jillette
–– Bill Hicks
–– PZ Myers
–– Sam Harris
–– AC Grayling
–– Neil deGrasse Tyson
–– Jennifer Michael Hecht
–– James Randi
–– Adam Savage
–– Eugenie Scott
–– Pamela L. Gay
–– Phil Plait
–– Rebecca Watson
–– Karen Stollznow
–– Daniel Dennett
–– Steven P. Novella
–– Rachael Dunlop
–– Jamy Ian Swiss (Banachek)
–– D. J. Grothe
–– Elyse Anders
–– Derek Miller
–– Suanne Post
–– Catherine Deveny
–– Taslima Nasrin
–– Action item.

– Boaz: We should keep an eye out for Phillip Adams coming to WA.
–– Action Item.

– Daniel: Guess what’s coming up in a couple of weeks? FAITH FAIR! (note: not really how Daniel said it)
–– May 18th on the Oak Lawn. Exact time unknown.
–– Attended Faith Fair meetings, PAC is still trying to decide if there is going to be a panel discussion or stalls.
–– Someone must video and Youtube the event! (Action Item).
–– Will create a new “What is Atheism” pamphlet for the event. (Action Items).
–– Tentative volunteers: Megan, Ash, Daniel and Paul.

– Ash: Sudden brainwave! What if we use Lectopia to record our talktorials automagically?
–– Action Item.

– General Reminder: A C Grayling On Reflection UWA Extension event
–– Tuesday, May 17 at 7:00 PM.
–– Action item.

Meeting closed 2011-05-05 4:45PM.


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