Today’s committee meeting and a new OCM!

Too cool to stand still when I try to take photos

Today’s committee meeting was successful. Unfortunately we had to bid farewell to two members, one old, one new, who were leaving for other pursuits.

The meeting wasn’t an entirely sad affair however. We did elect a new Ordinary Committee Member to replace the absentee Joe.

Welcome Emma Norton! We hope you enjoy your stay!

You can read all about the happenings of today’s committee meetings on Google Docs here or at the bottom of this blog post.

Meeting opened 2011-06-02 4:09PM.

Attending: Ash Tyndall, Paul Wright, Madge Carew-Hopkins, Megan Boylen, Jon Curtis, Emma Norton, Boaz Shearer, Valentin Donze, James Sullivan, Nissa Petrowski, Stephen Carew-Hopkins.
By Proxy: Mitch Wellstead.
Apologies: David Raithel, Kristin Barry.
Absent: Joe McCormack.

Minutes by Ash.

President’s Report
– Website is now hosted by UCC. Payment details still being worked out.

Vice-President’s Report
– Absent.

Treasurer’s Report
– Absent; doing the grants paperwork.

Secretary’s Report
– Absent.

Fresher Rep’s Report
– Freshers are happy.
– Fresher Rep went to the tav. (Blasphemy.)
– Freshers are now happy about tav.

Mail, Guild, SOC, Posters
– Mail checked by Ash. None to be found.
– Mitch currently preparing grant stuff to submit to guild tomorrow.
– Posters were not done this week.
– Boaz mentioned putting our mailing address on the website. (Action Item.)

Current Action Items
– Ash: Get a dramatic pose of yourself (and the committee?) behind something sciency.
–– Deferred.
–– We should go to SciTech during the holidays. Emma can get us in!
–– Go during the week, no annoying kids.
–– Action Item re timetabling.

– Ash: (In October) Discuss “Slut Walk” more.
–– Deferred.

– Ash: Email Emma with Phillip Adams’ details.
–– Done. She received it.

– Ash: Tell Des Hill about our idea to save Perth Humanists.
–– Done.
–– They would like to meet with us, will do so after exams.
–– Propose Perth Atheist merger solution. Get Perth Atheist people involved.

– Ash: Ask someone to write something for Atheist magazine.
–– Val, Emma, James and Jon volunteered to group-write article. (Action Item.)
–– Ash forwarded email from about article to Emma and Val.
–– Group left in charge to work out the specifics of the writing.

– Ash: Report back about getting UCC webhosting.
–– Done.

– Ash: Upload talktorial to YouTube.
–– Done, and deferred for next week.

– Daniel: Complain to venues about Zion Praise Harvest’s behavior.
–– Deferred.

– David: (In Sem2) Look into details “How to get unbaptised” event.
–– Deferred.

– Paul: Look into different tav time.
–– Deferred.

New Action Items
– All: (In Sem2) Panel discussion with spiritualist lady about psychics and TV.
– All: (nearer to GAC) Work on proposal to sponsor people for Global Atheist Convention.
– Ash: Put mailing address on website contact page.
– Ash: Use the timetable script to figure out the best time for committee to go to SciTech.
– Daniel: Provide Poster and Shirt purchase receipt.
– Paul: Deposit all of float money into Guild bank account.
– Val, Emma, James and Jon: Group-write Atheist article.

General Business
– Ash: Mitch must submit the grants!
–– Action item for Daniel.

– Paul: Our spiritualist guest last week.
–– Paul expressed concern with us inviting her back to give a talk.
–– Difficult to advertise without either making her look bad or making us look bad.
–– Kylie suggested that we do a panel discussion with her as one of the panelists.
–– Topic could be psychics on TV. How different sides feel about that.
–– Committee agrees that this is a good idea. Something to think about next semester.
–– Action Item.

– Madge’s last committee meeting.
–– Madge is leaving university.
–– The committee would like to thank Madge for her outstanding service to the club as Immediate Past President this year, and President in years before. She will be missed.
–– Motion to bestow upon Madge Honorary Honorary Life Membership. Motion passed unanimously. Also, Madge never abstains /joke.

– Nissa’s exchange at UWA is ending. She is leaving for America.
–– The committee would like to thank Nissa for her presence and participation in club events and wish her good luck in her future endeavours.

– Ash: Money in float box a liability.
–– Action Item for Paul.

– Ash: Joe hasn’t attended any committee meetings. It’s time we elect somebody in his place.
–– Emma, Stephen and James nominate themselves and are seconded.
–– Emma is elected acting OCM.

Meeting closed 2011-06-02 5:03PM.


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