Want to get more involved? Run for a club committee position!

Hello everyone,

Recently, due to a shared belief that their extensive university workloads were hampering their ability to fulfill their club commitments, several members of the UWA Atheist & Skeptic Society Committee resigned.

As such, in the coming weeks, an election will be held to fill the positions of

  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 1 Ordinary Committee Member

If you are a paid member of the club and (for the first three positions) an ordinary/gold guild member, you are eligible to run! You can email me, or message me on Facebook if you’re interested in a position or finding out more.

Being on the committee means taking on the partial responsibility of organizing events, performing tasks, making decisions about club funds and meeting regularly with other committee members to discuss changes and improvements to be made in the club.

To become a committee member, you need to attend the Special General Meeting, nominate yourself and give a short speech about why you should be a committee member. Those club members present and via proxy will vote for you and those other candidates whom are running for the position. The candidate with the largest amount of votes is elected to the position.

You can nominate yourself for multiple positions without problem.

As well as general responsibilities, some positions have specific responsibilities:

It is the VP’s job to assist me, and perform my duties when I am absent.

It is the Secretary’s job to write a summary of what happens at Committee Meetings and email it to the club members. The Secretary should also check the club mailbox regularly.

It is the Treasurer’s job to keep track of the funds kept by the club in our bank account, and those funds kept in the club money box. The Treasurer should be informed whenever club money is spent, so that they can keep track of this spending.
It is also the treasurer’s responsibility to prepare and submit the club’s grant money request to the Guild every semester.

So once again, if you’re interested, contact me via Facebook or email for more information!

Email: president@uass.asn.au
Facebook: facebook.com/ash.tyndall


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